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Osic Technology Co., Ltd. provides excellent Aromatherapy Beauty Care and Personal Care Products-High Quality Scent Diffusers, Air Refresh Spray, Shower Foams, Jojoba Message Oils, Castor Oils; Chemicals-Pearl Essence, Pigments, Paints, Art Supplies, Pearl Acrylic Emulsions, Graphene Oxide, and Automobile Nano Silicon Coatings, and Chemical Auxiliaries since 1987.
Growing with the advance of technology, Osic continues to expand and refine. The production process is environmentally friendly, DBP-free, and DIBP-free. Specifications comply with the latest EU regulations.
Beauty & Personal Care Products: Aromatherapy Care Products, Air Refresh Spray, Amino Acid Moisture Mild Foam Cleanser for Hand, Body, Face, Baby, Essential Oils, Jojoba Message Oils for Body Hand Eyelash, Jasmine Nail Polish Remover Acetone-free, Nail Polish Remover Acetone-Free Jasmine Absolute, Olive Make-up Remover and Cleanser, Perfumed & Perfume-free Moisture Foam Cleanser, Perfumed Refresh Spray, Scent Diffusers & Stones Nano-Silver Long Effects
Chemicals: Art Supplies Pearl Emulsions, Automobile Nano-Silicon Coatings, Castor Oils, Cleansers & Detergents, Graphene Oxide & Graphite, Paints & Pigments, Lead Carbonate & Lead Compounds, Water-Based Nano Pigments & Paints
We provide the very high quality aromatherapy beauty care products, and work with the latest biotechnologies to ensure the finest quality.
Our products can be customized according to the target price, market, function, pack sizes, or labels. We also may serve for small order quantity to satisfy the market.
If you are looking for some items not listed in the catalog, please inquiry, and we are very willing to assist.


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Osic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Pearl Essence Pearl Pigments Paints Green Paints Special Purpose Paints Customized Paints Water-Based Nano-sized Pigments Art Supplies Pearl Pigments and Materials Art Supplies Water Colors Art Supplies Rare Micro Crystalized Lead-Containing Pearl Pigment and Pearl Essence Lead Carbonate White Lead Lead Compounds Chemicals UV Brightener Anti-UV Agent Thickening Agent Dispersion Agent Cleansing Agent Aroma Beauty Care Aroma Foam Cleanser Herbal Personal Cleanser Herbal Facial and Make-Up Remover Advanced Nail Polish Remover Air Refresh Spray Home Fragrance Essential Oils Scent Diffusers Scented Air Spray Scent Diffuser Refill Scent Diffuser Stone Jojoba Message Oils Jojoba Hair Care Oils Eyebrow and Eyelash Care Oils Herbal Hair Moisture Spray Rose Water Skin Moisture Spray Perfumes Perfumed Spray Aromatherapy Products Automobile Nano Silica Coating Graphene Oxide Graphite Graphite Oxide


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